Sony Ericsson Announce LiveView Remote Control for Android Devices


Now, don’t shoot the messenger, we’re only bringing you news on the latest Sony Ericsson gadget to be announced and even though their newest gadget is bound to send some frustrated Xperia owners into a minor rage, news is news and in this case the Sony Ericsson LiveView mini remote control could actually be good news, simply because although Sony Ericsson have developed the LiveView remote to work in conjunction specifically with Android 2.x firmware, they at least aren’t going to release the device until their long-awaited Android update has hit the Xperia range of handsets.

LiveView has a 1.3 inch OLED screen and uses bluetooth to connect to mobile handsets using Android 2.0 firmware and higher. The remote control can be used to view RSS feeds, missed calls and text messages, social networking features and to access the music on your phone. LiveView can also be used as a ‘phone tracker’ as long as it is within bluetooth range, to find your mobile if you happen to lose it. By running the LiveView Application it should also be possible to search the Android market with the device.

The video shown below shows LiveView in action:

Sony Ericsson have said that LiveView will ship in Q4 and it is expected that the release will in fact be after that of the Android 2.1 update for the Xperia X10, X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro handsets. We hope that will be the case as the backlash from Xperia users stuck on 1.6 Android would be intense if the company released LiveView prior to the update. It is expected to cost around US$110, or €80 in Sweden, as the company have stated.

via Press Release