Sony buy Ericsson out of joint venture

We heard the rumours a couple of weeks ago that Sony were looking to buy Ericsson out of their joint partnership which started 10 years ago this month. We can now confirm that Sony ... Continue Reading →

Sony looking to buy out Ericsson

According to a report on the Wall Street Journal, Sony Corp is looking to buy off Ericsson’s shares in their joint mobile business. The Sony Ericsson partnership celebrated 10 ... Continue Reading →

HDMI capable Xperia Play not going to be released to consumers

Since we first saw the Xperia Play pictures last week showing the handset connected up to a HD TV, there’s been a lot of questions surrounding it. Firstly whether the pictures ... Continue Reading →

BackStab action game to launch exclusively on Xperia Play.

We already know that great games are coming to Sony Ericsson’s gaming phone, the Xperia Play. Some are old PSone games, some are multi platform games and some will be exclusive ... Continue Reading →

Xperia Arc takes on N8 with video recording

We’ve already seen photos taken with the Xperia Arc compared against the Nokia N8, Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone 4. Now we have a video that compares the Xperia Arc’s video ... Continue Reading →