Top Games For Sony Ericsson Mobiles

Sony Ericsson Xperia has an excellent gaming experience. ‘Its wide screen allows users to get more involved in the game. Here are the top games for your Xperia phone, most of of them are also compatible with other android based Sony Ericsson Mobiles so that you can catch the real fun of gaming on this phone.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds Game

It doesn’t take much to make an interesting and addictive game. The main thing is the idea. When the idea is ready then work can start on the development of the game and throw in some simple controls and graphics so that people of all age groups can play with the same level of interest. Rovio has made just the right thing in the shape of Angry Birds which is gaining immense popularity all over the world. After computers now it can also be played on mobiles because it has been added to the Android market place. It is a very interesting mobile game having a number of different and easy levels. Our main objective is to kill all the pigs by hitting them with the birds provided. You lose if you run out of birds. As you advance in the game new types of birds are unlocked.

You can download this game by clicking here.

Farm Frenzy

Farm frenzy is a strategy game in which we basically have to manage our farm. There are geese and other different type of animals which are to be provided with grass and other food so that they can produce eggs, milk etc. As we feed our animals and collect things from them, we gain points and the level increases.

In the first level our main objective is to collect a certain amount of eggs from the geese. The geese will produce eggs when we feed it with sufficient amount of grass. Eggs can be collected by tapping on the screen at the location of eggs. As the game advances new animals and options are unlocked in the market.

The graphics of this game are good. As we advance in the game, on screen instructions constantly guide us how to play or inform us about any new unlocked option.

In the end I would say that my experience with this game has been good and quite interesting. It is an addictive game and I recommend it for all android users.

You can download this game by clicking here.

Diner Dash

Dinner Dash Games

Diner Dash is also a very interesting and which can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages. In this game we are basically a waitress who has little time and a lot of different tasks to do. Due to the rushing of the waitress for every task this game is called Diner Dash.

Following are some of the tasks that are to be performed by the waitress.

  1. Drop menus
  2. Take orders
  3. Take customers to the proper table
  4. Drop orders in the kitchen
  5. Arrange baby seat
  6. Clean the floor
  7. Take dirty dishes to the sink

From the above list you can imagine how much the waitress will have to rush. The main reason of this rushing is that customers start to get angry as their required work gets late. Different customers have different temperaments. Some of them get angry very soon and some are a bit cool minded. The amount of tip depends upon that how much the customer was angry. If the angriness is higher then the amount of tip will be less and vice versa.

As you advance in the game espresso machines and other things are unlocked which help you gain more bonuses. The game has different levels, each with a different objective.

You can download this game by clicking here. Most of these games can also be downloaded from choice is yours.

I recommend all the Xperia users to try out these three games and i am sure that you will find them very interesting and enjoyable.