Sonic CD released early on Android, comes with Xperia Play support

A few months ago Sega announced that they would be releasing Sonic CD onto home consoles, the Xbox 360 and PS3. They also revealed that they would release the game onto the Android ... Continue Reading →

Gameloft to add Xperia Play titles to Android Market in future

Currently, if you wish to purchase one of the great titles from Gameloft such as BackStab, you have to buy the game directly through the Gameloft website from the browser on your Xperia ... Continue Reading →

App puts Xperia Play handset and PS3 Sixaxis controller together

Ok, so it may not be new news, it seems many sites missed the release about a month ago however, a nifty app is hitting the news (again) that enables a PS3 Sixaxis controller to be ... Continue Reading →

Rooted phones see restricted access on Android Market

We’ve provided information on how to root the Xperia handsets here before and in the past rooting has always been for a positive reason. The main reason for rooting is that it ... Continue Reading →

Android Market updated to include Sony Ericsson apps on Xperia handsets

It appears that the Android Market has been updated on Xperia handsets which adds a link to Sony Ericsson apps. The update doesn’t actually appear to be a market update however, ... Continue Reading →