Xperia V features sensor-on-lens technology

As with so many Sony Xperia releases, the news that Sony intend to pack another of their new handset releases with a new exciting form of technology, is no longer a huge surprise. This time round, it is the upcoming Xperia V handset that will be given the honour of featuring a new form of display technology called ‘sensor-on-lens’.The sensor-on-lens feature basically combines the two layers of glass found on a touchscreen with the protective lens which in turn means that rather than having three layers of glass in total, the Xperia V and indeeed any handsets that Sony use this technology on in future, will only need a dual layer of glass. This combined with the need to use less glue will make the display better, improving image quality and giving a better touch effect to the glass. Of course, this will also make the handset that little bit lighter too. The Xperia V already comes with a Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 Reality display and OptiContrast Panel which is designed to give minimal reflection and higher contrast on the display so alongside the sensor-on-lens technology, we’re expecting the Xperia V to be a rather special mobile handset, display wise at least. Full details on the sensor-on-lens technology can be found at the official Sony blog.