X10 Mini to be released in Gold

The Sony Ericsson X10 Mini is currently available in black and comes with a variety of back plates in different colors. The colors available are however region and network specific. The lime green backing is an Orange exclusive within the UK, while other markets will receive it as standard. Likewise the red back plate is unseen in the UK but, again available to other markets.

Next on the list is a gold Xperia X10 Mini. The front plate will still be black however, while the backplate will get a gold make over, finished in a gold chrome. What they have changed though, is the gold Mini will also have gold buttons. A darker gold color has been used, rather than a yellowy gold so it has a rather classy look to it, instead of looking like a piece of bling.

As well as releasing the X10 Mini in gold, the company will also be releasing the X10 Mini Pro in pink. The Mini Pro is currently available in black, or white. However the white model is an exclusive to Three but, other European countries also have the white model available.