Sony Hiring for Xperia PlayStation Phone?


Sony have placed an ad looking to recruit developers with both gaming knowledge/experience and Android development knowledge preferred which is leading some sources to believe that they are planning for the development of an Android based PlayStation gaming phone that could be a part of the Xperia range.

Of course, it could be that Sony is simply creating a team capable of producing the much rumored Android version 3.0 based PSPhone and are looking to ensure they have software and games available for that device but, with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 and X10 hansdets already running on the Android operating system, it’s understandable that this advertisement is causing excitement in the Xperia community.

On looking for the advertisment, I found that the original wording seems to have been edited to remove any mention of Android development however, the screenshot that Droid Gamers took is posted below and clearly does show the Android experience desired wording:

cropped se job

Time will tell whether Sony Ericsson will release either an Android 3.0 PSPhone or an Xperia PlayStation phone but, for now we are left to wonder, contemplate and perhaps dream a little in anticipation of the prospect of either phone being developed.

The job listing for a Senior Server Engineer can be found here – PlayStation Jobs.