Gameloft to add Xperia Play titles to Android Market in future

Currently, if you wish to purchase one of the great titles from Gameloft such as BackStab, you have to buy the game directly through the Gameloft website from the browser on your Xperia ... Continue Reading →

Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front HD free until 10PM GMT

Gameloft have another of their promotions on. This time around, they are offering Global Front HD for the next two and a bit hours. The promotion ends at 10PM GMT. This offer is not ... Continue Reading →

Android HD games reduced for Arc, X10 and Play

Gameloft have had several promotions recently which has seen the price of Xperia Play games reduced to £1 instead of the usual £3. Only one of the promotions included owners of all ... Continue Reading →

Gameloft reduce Xperia Play games to £1

For a limited time, Gameloft have reduced the price of games for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Until tomorrow  games for the first PlayStation certified gaming phone will be ... Continue Reading →

BackStab action game to launch exclusively on Xperia Play.

We already know that great games are coming to Sony Ericsson’s gaming phone, the Xperia Play. Some are old PSone games, some are multi platform games and some will be exclusive ... Continue Reading →