Gameloft to add Xperia Play titles to Android Market in future

Currently, if you wish to purchase one of the great titles from Gameloft such as BackStab, you have to buy the game directly through the Gameloft website from the browser on your Xperia Play. In the future however, Gameloft titles that are Xperia Play optimized will be added to the Android Market.

This gives two advantages. Firstly, you will now be able to pay for the games through Google as you do for other apps and games. This also means your apps and games are more unified. Secondly however and perhaps more importantly, when you need to re-download a game for whatever reason, it will be much easier to do. Currently users often have to contact Gameloft to re-download the games and provide transaction information. With the inclusion of Gameloft games in the Android market, whether you restore your phone or receive a replacement handset, re-downloading these games will no longer be a problem.

Future games will be made available on the Android Market but, current titles “will be added on a case-by-case basis”.