Sony Ericsson to add pink and blue colors to X10 Mini

Last month we heard that Sony Ericsson were adding a new color to the Xperia X10 Mini – gold. Now we’ve heard that the company are adding two more colors to the X10 Mini range, one which this writer would love to get her hands on.

Along with the current color configurations, blue and pink will be added to the line up. The X10 Mini already comes with a pink backplate, however the current color is described as pink/white with the pink being a gradient on the backplate, along with white (take a look at the photos here). The new pink color however is just that, completely pink. Minus the front of course, which remains in black. The same is true for the new blue back, described as an Azur blue.

Which markets the new colors will be released to however is unknown at the moment, as is the when. Subscribe to our blog, or follow us on Twitter for information on when the new colors will be released, as well as any other Xperia news.