Sony Ericsson release video Android 2.1 upgrading information

For folks who haven’t got SEUS Pro, we’re still waiting for Android 2.1 on our X10 handsets. The Sony Ericsson blog page has also gone down, presumably with the high amount of traffic they’ll be receiving from people checking on any updates from Rikard Skogberg. There also appears to be a lack of support from Sony Ericsson both on their live chat and Twitter, leading some people to believe that Sony Ericsson aren’t hard at work this Halloween evening and if non SEUS Pro users will get the update.

It seems however that they are still on track and haven’t abandoned us this weekend. The company have uploaded another video to YouTube, this time walking us through the upgrade process. The video shows us how to upgrade from the X10’s current firmware, Android 1.6 to Android 2.1. The video recommends using PC Companion rather than the Sony Ericsson Update Service and also shows us how to back up our data before installing 2.1 and restoring the data after the upgrade process. The actual upgrade process is also explained in the video, which you can view below.