Official: Xperia X10 will get Android 2.3

When Sony Ericsson announced that they would not be upgrading the Xperia X10 past Android 2.1, this left a lot of users very angry and caused many to swear they’d never go back to Sony Ericsson. In light of this, Sony Ericsson have listened to the feedback and have today confirmed that the Xperia X10 will be updated past Android 2.1.

They will skip Android 2.2 and move straight onto 2.3, which is currently the latest version of Android available. The work they’ve done with the new line of handsets, the Xperia Arc, Neo and Play has enabled them to work with Android 2.3 and gave them a solution to making 2.3 possible on the X10. The update will be Android 2.3.3 and will become available from the end of Q2/early Q3.

While this is great news for Xperia X10 owners, the X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro and X8 will not be updated past Android 2.1. Also, while the X10 will receive another Android update, increasing the handset’s lifespan, it will be the final update to Android according to the company. Sony Ericsson will continue to upgrade their new products past 2.3 however.

Moxier will not be included in the 2.3 update and instead will use the Gingerbread native EAS functionality. Mediascape will also be replaced by the media experience widgets and music player, found in Sony Ericsson’s new line of Xperia products.

Gingerbread does not support the Sony Ericsson Backup and Restore feature so this will be lost once upgraded, likewise some Sony Ericsson camera functions will be lost, such as smile shutter and face recognition. Instead the X10 will use the standard Android camera interface.

Source: Sony Ericsson Product Blog


  • rob

    This is great news. I’m glad that SE listened all of our anger about updates. It’s a great phone with great hardware
    way better then my wife’s Captivate. Only think missing is front facing camera. Thanks SE.

    • admin

      I think I’ve only had one phone with a front facing camera and never used it. Definitely great news about 2.3 :D.

      • Smegflaps

        Oh shut up.

  • Dimitar

    Thank you, Sony Ericsson. Now I can buy the X10i without a thought of Hesitation. It was either the Galaxy S or the X10i, but now the choice is clear to me :) Thank you again!

  • guy

    No Back-up and restore???? Thats a huuuuuuge feature loss! WHY??

  • Dalxo

    FUCK YOU SE! I bought X10mini and was a huge disapointment with 1.6. Finaly it got 2.1 and less than year those bastards stoped any support. I always used in my life E and SE phones but this won’t happen anymore. Goodbye SE loosers and die soon!

    • Ralph

      Relax Dalxo. What’s the problem? I rooted my x10 mini pro, and I have all the functions I want.
      - Installing apps on SD : no problem
      - Removing apps you don’t want : no problem
      - Making screenshots : no problem
      - Using x10 to tether (creating WIFI network) : no problem

      why the hell would you want an upgrade?

      • Eamon

        Hi how do you root the x10mini pro, all i want is to save apps to the sd card, cant find a way to do it, as the internal memory is only 128mb, which is crap and ive a 8gb card for it, such a waste? Can u tell me how?? thanks


  • jose

    They’re not doing the update in the US: (

  • reginafelangi

    What the fuck. I have an x10 mini pro i’ve only had it a few months and now I have to buy a new phone if I want gingerbread. But if i’d bought the x10 an older phone i’d be fine. Sony are definitely going to lose a whole lot of custom over this. Including mine. Raging

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  • Randy

    they really need to give the xperia x10 the update of 2.2 and higher. its a real disappointment for me to just have purchase the phone for the stylish model then come to find out that the x10 is only running on android 1.6. thats a major upset.

  • jack lin

    it is so glad to hear, we’ve been waited for so long. SE give power.

  • Matthew

    Great news for Xperia X10 user but the camera interface would be lost. We want to keep the SE camera interface and don’t want the standard Android camera interface.


    What about xperia mini pro man? this is frustrating.. why cant it be updated? This is nt gud….

  • swanlake

    are they going to fix the volume of the calls ?? the speaker volume is too low for calls????

  • sri ram

    If SE don’t want to update there phones. Then why they are selling Xperia X10 mini Pro in the market. I have brought this shit just 4 days back.

  • 7885133

    For those moaning about the x10 mini not getting it, that is what you get for buying a cheap phone. The X10i has better hardware more capable of running 2.3. You get what you pay for.

    • Boobadoowupski

      Cheap? Dude, are you nuts? i got it when it came out, it was still like £260!! (i live in uk- thats roughly like $450) I’ve been with SE for 5 years on 4 diffferent handsets, thinking about giving them THE MIDDLE FINGER nest time.

      • admin

        Where did you buy it from? I never saw it for £260. I saw one or two places selling it at £250 but, I also saw several places selling it for £200 at launch. Which yes still isn’t cheap but, it’s not as expensive as some stores were selling it.

  • louie

    No matter, SE has played around too much. Pretty phones, but Very Bad support, and too many promises. Time to try other brand name toys.

  • magar19

    Hi, do any help me, i try to upgrade from 2.1 to 2.3 but couldn’t update. I try from PC component. Is there any way to update please or still we waiting next month. thank you for help.

    • admin

      2.3 hasn’t been released for the X10 yet. Once it is though we will post about it here :). Why not follow us on Twitter to get our updates :).

  • Ebrahim Hasan

    So your customer must be an angry disgruntled bastard before you start listening and consider updating their handsets. How about X10 mini and X8?!!

  • umesh kumar

    Fuck first mobile frm SE-I got it after paying 14000 i.e. A huge amount..i promise I wud never buy any sony mobile in my life again and nither let my friends do this kind of mistake…

  • http://google uygar


  • Mar15

    Screw SE.
    They lie about everything.
    The X10 can do everything they originally said.. so they can goto hell.

  • Dj_m143

    all mobile brand give their mobiles to new update version of android 2.3. why se is not? i have sony xperia x10 mini. i am very disappoint for this news.

  • Aamirk_786

    when will this be out? i cant wait!

  • Kangurash93

    hurry up i want this update:X i’m really excited:X

  • Paul Gage

    Thats me a se I aint getting another se handset fuck them fuckin twats

  • MaX

    how bout x8? i’m x8 user… i really need an upgrade to move all apps to sd card… :(

  • Prachetas

    I am about to buy xperia x8 but im am eager to will x8 get android 2.3 please answer.


    Plz ubgrade x8 soon ?

  • Anonymous

    I am really disappointed to know that Sony Ericsson is not releasing any update for X10 Mini. Looks like there is no security of money in SE. I use to be a fan of SE mobiles but looks like this will be my last Sony Ericsson mobile.

  • Absentminded_08

    =( This is so sad! I’ve been an avid SE fan T_T now, this changes everything! huhuhuhuh

  • Anonymous

    this version 2.3.3 would get out in July or Start of Aguest in israel (pelephone) and im quite sure it would do in anter mobile company’s around the globe.

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  • Kirby

    when will be updated here in dubai? need some answers… thanks

  • Kirby

    when will be updated here in dubai? need some answers… thanks

  • Kirby

    when will be updated here in dubai? need some answers… thanks

  • SE Fan

    I am very disappointed,i am a fan of SE since i start using it,u let us down SE !!!  :(

  • Vijay

    Can the current X10 be upgrade to gingerbread?

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  • Geo

    i have a x10 pro and i am reall disappointed…i will never, i mean never buy a se product again… se doesnt respect its customers….

  • Mmarg_dolphin_marg

    Please upgrade to at least 2.2 as i cant get a upgrade abode flash driver without it going to 2 .2 2.3wood b even better

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  • Akhilts009

    plz…upgrade…x10 mini pro to android 2.3..plz..iam very disapointed….y se not relesing…that..?

  • Cornelius Vintila

    so if i have a SE x8 ,that means that I don’t have the right to use android 2.2 or 2.3 ???this is only a new way of SE of making somme money by not spending them on upgrading old products and also make us to buy the new ones!!! ROOOBEEERS!!!!!!!!!

    • admin

      If you have an X8 then it does look likely that if you want the new features included on newer handsets and with newer versions of Android, you will have to upgrade your phone. To be fair, this is the way it has always been, as soon as you buy something, be it a phone, a computer or even a car, the minute you walk out of the shop there is something newer and better about to go on the shelves in place of what you bought. We cant expect SE to keep updating all of their older phones/phones with lesser hardware specs to handle newer Android versions well and still produce new models but, I really do sympathize with those buyers with ‘older’ models like the X8 simply because they arent that old! The X8 was a ‘budget priced’ smartphone however, so perhaps its worth considering how updatable handsets in that kind of price range should be/can be.

      I believe it is possible to flash the X8 with a custom ROM to run higher version/s of Android if you want to consider looking into that way of updating more?

  • Q01234567q

    I have an x8 great phone,but i can’t understand how can some people on youtube own 2.3.7 version. Ihave 2.1
    If somebody would write to me the way of upgrading ,please send here:
    From hungary

  • 17saiiqb

    What is Q2/Q3

    • admin

      Second quarter/third quarter. Q2 runs April to June and Q3 July to September (and Q1 Jan-March, Q4 Oct-Dec)

  • Majiddaal

    I need update for my x8, I need to move apps to memory card. Apps are large n internal memory is full,if I cant do that then the phone is useless!