Official: Xperia X10 will get Android 2.3

When Sony Ericsson announced that they would not be upgrading the Xperia X10 past Android 2.1, this left a lot of users very angry and caused many to swear they’d never go back ... Continue Reading →

Android 2.2 headed to Xperia X10 in 2011?

While the Xperia X10 recently received the Android 2.1 update, many were hoping it would be Android 2.2, with a petition started months ago for the release of Android 2.2. Now, with ... Continue Reading →

Custom Android 2.2 rom loaded onto Xperia X10

Until recently, the Xperia X10 was stuck with a rather outdated version of Android, 1.6. Within the past month however, Sony Ericsson have now released Android 2.1 for the handset ... Continue Reading →

Modder loads Android 2.2 onto Xperia X10

While this isn’t great news yet, it is pretty good news for Xperia X10 owners. A member over at the XDA Developers forum has been hard at work, as is the way of many XDA members. ... Continue Reading →

Will the Xperia X10 get Android 2.2?

A document has recently been leaked and handed to which questions the availability of Android 2.2, aka Froyo on Sony Ericsson’s flagship Android handset, the Xperia ... Continue Reading →