Xperia X8 spotted on UK online store

The Xperia X8 is due for release very soon and one online retailer in the UK has added the Xperia X8 to their list of mobile phones for sale. Woolworths and other retailers from the same shopping group (such as Additions, Very, etc) have added the handset to their range with a retail price of £129. A specific release date isn’t listed but, it does state that delivery should be within 3 weeks. The price is for a handset locked to the O2 network, although sometimes, O2 specific handsets from Woolworths etc, are in fact unlocked but, we won’t know this for sure until the Xperia X8 is actually released.

This seems like a good mobile phone deal and based on pricing for the X10 Mini and Mini Pro, the price Woolworths is offering the handset at, could be cheaper than other retailers. However other handsets on there have a much higher price, so again it’d be best to wait and see if another retailer offers a better deal on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8.