Xperia X8 also available from Tesco UK

As well as being available from The Home Network Group, the Xperia X8 is also available from Tesco in the UK. The price at Tesco for the handset comes in at £129.97, making it only 97p more than Woolworths. Tesco also have the handset in stock, where as Woolworths and the other retailers in the Home Network Group quote a delivery time of 7 days. An added bonus with ordering from Tesco, is that if you purchase the handset online from Tesco before October 12th you can receive an extra 500 Tesco club points with the code “TDX-AWCK”.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 has also appeared in the O2 mobile catalogue. The O2 website currently quotes that the handset will be coming in September but there’s no sign of the handset on the website. The catalogue however indicates that the handset can be picked up in O2 stores for £129.99. If you’re looking to get the handset on contract however, the O2 catalogue suggests you ask instore for the mobile phone deals available for the Xperia X8.

Originally the handset was only confirmed as coming to the O2 network but, it’s now been revealed that the Xperia X8 is in fact an O2 exclusive. While Woolworths show the X8 with a pink back, Sony Ericsson UK have confirmed that if you purchase the handset, you’ll get the white and aqua backplate for free.

Thanks Grant for the heads up on Tesco selling the X8 and promo code.