Xperia X10 Mini “Now with Android 2.1”

Yes you read that right, although from what I can see, the update isn’t out yet. One of our readers (suavi) has pointed us in the direction of Sony Ericsson’s website. When looking at the Xperia handsets from the company if you go through the video that automatically plays and watch it, just before it finishes the first section of “You can touch it”, it displays the Xperia X10 Mini with the tagline “Our smallest touchscreen slider yet. Now with Android 2.1”. Unfortunately I’m unable to check if this is the same with the X10 as the page for the Xperia X10 also shows me the X10 Mini at the moment. However I will keep checking to see if the X10 page changes as well. Another reader has however told us that CarphoneWarehouse in the UK are promoting the handset as coming with Android 2.1. This isn’t the case on their website though and seems to be in stores only.

The X10 Mini Pro page also remains the same. It keeps the tagline “Our smallest touchscreen slider yet” but, doesn’t mention the version of Android, instead it goes on to say “Mini but mighty”.