Xperia X10 launches


The Xperia X10 has now been released in various countries across the world.

The X10 is available in the UK on all networks; Orange, Vodafone, O2, T-Mobile, Three and Virgin Mobile. All networks will sell the black model, while the white model is an exclusive to Orange. Depending on whether you get the handset from a high street retailer, the best offer could be quite different. From the network operators themselves, the X10 is available for free on £30 or £35 tariffs subject to a 24 month contract. While online retailers, are also offering the handset on the same tariffs but, will offer half price line rental by redemption, or cash back. The Xperia X10 can also be picked up on pay as you go, or sim free and unlocked.

While over in India, the handset has gone on sale for 30,000 INR ($660) unlocked. It’s also available in Japan but, pricing is currently unconfirmed.

Australia will also be getting the X10. There isn’t an exact release date yet but, pricing is listed as $1099 AUS. If you’re in Canada, Rogers will be picking up the contract for the X10 and are preparing for the launch.