Xperia X10 ‘HD’ with Android 2.1 on sale in France


French retailer RueDuCommerce have listed for sale what they are describing as the Xperia X10 HD on the website. Sony themselves are yet to confirm that the Xperia X10 will be branded as the X10 HD however, a file on the same website shows a brochure that appears to originate from Sony Ericsson themselves showing the image below which clearly identifies the Xperia X10 with the HD tag attached to it’s branding.


The Xperia X10 HD is available for purchase at €529 which is €100 more than the original black x10 and €50 more than the white x10 with the same retailer. Although there were reports that there was a 2 month waiting time on the X10 HD, RueDuCommerce is showing the handset to be in stock and ready for dispatch for me.

The sale page can be found here.