Xperia X Tab: A Concept Tablet

We present to you another concept Xperia device making the rounds lately on the Internet. The tablet market is increasing at an amazing rate thanks to the introduction of the iPad and the subsequent entry of Android tablets. We all know the Xperia brand is a smartphone line. What if the Xperia branched out to the tablet market? This is the question that juris15 over at Esato, the same guy who brought us the Xperia x3, would like to answer with a concept tablet.

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X Tab is a concept tablet that comes with powerful features. Its Reality Display measures 7 inches and uses the Sony BRAVIA engine, the same technology used in the flatscreen models of Sony. It comes with two cameras; the primary (back) which is used for capturing photos and videos is 8.1 MP while the secondary (front) for video calls is 1.3 MP. It is capable of capturing HD videos and photos and should be easily played smoothly on its display.

The X Tab will come with an internal 62 GB of storage which can further be expanded through its microSD slot.  This means more storage for your videos, photos and applications.

Judging from the recent announcement of Sony of the Xperia Arc and the PSP2, creating a tablet device is a step in the right direction.