Xperia Play Seen Running PSOne Games

Xperia Play running PSOne games

Although the Xperia Play didn’t show up at the recent CES 2011 event, it is still one of the most anticipated devices to come out from Sony Ericsson. Not to be outshined by the unveiling of the Xperia Arc, the Xperia Play is seen running a PSOne ROM of Biohazard. The video shows Biohazard and Ridge Racer being booted up.

Based from what we can see the program used is an Android ROM emulator (ROM Buddy). The gameplay is fluid enough which means the hardware can really deliver the required frame rates.

Since the video showed the unit playing a PSOne game it doesn’t mean however that it is officially supported by Sony Ericsson, remember the game was played using an emulator. Even so, we are impressed with the way the Xperia Play handled both games. Since this is still not the finished product a lot of improvement can still be made on the device.

For those of you wondering what the specifications are we have covered that in our recent post. Since Sony Ericsson has not commented yet on the Xperia Play then it might take some time before we see the official unveiling of the unit to the public.