Xperia Play Rumors are Real

What do you get when you cross a PlayStation Portable with a Sony Ericsson phone? You get the Xperia Play. The rumors surrounding this supposedly new device are getting real as the name “Xperia Play” has already been filed as a trademark in the EU by a PR firm that has Sony Ericsson as one of its clients. Another reason why we are soon going to see this device is that domain names with xperiaplay on them are being registered by another agency that also has Sony Ericsson as one of its clients.

There is a plan to launch this phone by February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Those of you who can’t wait to get your hands on this device might have to wait a couple more months since it won’t be available to the public until April.

Here’s a list of quick specifications for the Xperia Play aka Zeus1 aka PSP 2

Processor: Qualcomm MSM8655 1 GHz

Memory: 512 MB RAM / 1 GB ROM

Screen: 4.1 inches

Controls: D-Pad, touch sensitive joystick, PlayStation buttons

OS: Android 3.0 Gingerbread

This device also has a microSD slot which can be used to store your games, videos and music. The planned PlayStation app for the Android Market is one of the best places to purchase games for this device.