Xperia Play Now Available at eBay

Can’t wait to get your hands on the Xperia Play? You can actually have the unit before it is even officially released, that is if you have the cash to spare. An Xperia Play is currently being sold through bidding at eBay and as of this writing the price is at US$810.00. That’s way higher than the retail price it will be selling once the device is released.

The seller, mejones73-1, apparently is a developer who won this model at a raffle at the GDC which was held last week. The unit is unlocked and brand new.

Another game developer is also selling the Xperia Play he won at GDC over at eBay. The seller with handler name bigpumbaa is also bidding it although the price still stands at US$580.

Those interested in buying the device must place a bid first and the highest bidder after the bidding stops will get it. I’m pretty sure all those hard core fans of the Xperia Play will be interested to get this device before it is available to the public just for the bragging rights.

With the release date of the Xperia Play approaching fast, is it worth paying that amount for this device?