Xperia Play Dock Now Available for Pre-Order

You must have seen pictures of it over the Internet lately. It’s that wonderful dock that makes a perfect partner to the upcoming Xperia Play. If you are setting your sights into buying the Xperia Play then this is a must have accessory to have as well.

The dock is officially called the Multimedia Dock DK300 and it is only compatible with the Xperia Pay. It is already available for pre-order at Expansys at £34.99. Aside from making your unit look good, this dock actually has some useful features as well.

Its purpose is to keep your unit in sync and to charge it. You can connect the dock to your PC via the micro USB port to sync and charge your unit. Alternatively you can directly connect it to a power outlet for rapid charging as well.

With the included 3.5 mm socket on the dock you can transform your unit into a music box by connecting various speakers on it.

You can also transform the Xperia Play into an elegant alarm clock by using the DK300. When you wake up in the morning you will be immediately presented with the time, date and even the weather.