Xperia Play Dissected

The Xperia Play which hasn’t even been released or confirmed by Sony yet has now been dissected. A Chinese website recently posted a couple of pictures showing the internal hardware of the unit in detail. As expected, most of the speculated specifications were right on the dot. Here’s what we could gather from looking at the pictures

  • Broadcom Wi-Fi chip
  • Synaptics touch software
  • Qualcomm PM8058 chip
  • Cypress Touch Screen

These latest photos more or less confirm the existence of the Xperia Play. Because of these photos, many people are now expecting the unit to be officially unveiled at the Mobile World Congress to be held this February.

The Xperia Play should not be mistaken for the PSP 2 which is an entirely different device. The Play is going to be an Android based gaming phone while the PSP 2 is the successor to the PSP. These new portable gaming devices from Sony will definitely add much excitement in the portable gaming scene and should provide good competition to Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS system.

As of the moment Sony Ericsson still hasn’t come out with an official statement about the existence of the Xperia Play.