Xperia Play and PSP 2 Challenges the 3DS

Sony will have two devices to challenge the latest portable gaming system of Nintendo, the 3DS. The Xperia Play is an Android smartphone that is designed for gaming while the PSP 2 will be the successor to the PSP. Currently the 3DS is the hottest pre-order device in Amazon right now which has a price of $249.99 and will be released in March 27.

Sony will be playing catch up with their Xperia Play and PSP 2 for domination in the handheld gaming market. The Xperia Play is expected to be officially announced at the World Mobile Congress on February 14 and most likely will be available to the public by June. The PSP 2 on the other hand is rumored to be officially announced at a press conference this January 27.

Basically, both portable gaming devices of Sony still do not have a specific release date and price. Competition in the portable gaming market has become very fierce lately with the entry of Apple’s iPod touch, iPad as well as from Android based tablets.

Sony will have to come up with excellent titles to back up their latest hardware to compensate for their late entry in the market this year.