Xperia Arc’s Home Launcher ported to Xperia X10

The Xperia Arc isn’t even out yet but, the system files have made their way over to XDA-Developers, enabling you to load the home launcher of the Xperia Arc on to your Xperia X10 handset. You can either download the full set of system files from XDA-Developers here, or downloaded the home launcher apk and a couple of other useful apks in a much smaller zip file here.

Included in the smaller zip file is the HomeLauncher.apk, which gives your home screen a new look, as well as your menu system. There is also GenieWidget, DigitalClockWidget and PhotoWidget. PhotoWidget gives you a quick access to the 3D gallery on the Xperia X10, which by default is hidden away under the custom Sony Ericsson user interface. The Genie widget gives you access to local weather information and news, you can select one or the other, or both to be shown on the homescreen. While the DigitalClockWidget replaces the existing X10 clock widget.

To install the apks to your handset, you’ll need to first download the files and transfer them to your handset. You will then need to use a file manager, such as Astro on your handset to locate the files and install. From there, once you press the home button, you will be asked how you want to complete the action. If you don’t have any other home launchers installed, you will be given two options: Home and Home com.sonyericsson.home. To use the new launcher from the Arc, you will need to select the sonyericsson home option.