Xperia Arc takes on N8 with video recording

We’ve already seen photos taken with the Xperia Arc compared against the Nokia N8, Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone 4. Now we have a video that compares the Xperia Arc’s video recording capabilities against the Nokia N8, which is widely recognized as one of the best, if not the best camera phones currently on the market. Could the Xperia Arc change this? Well watch on to find out.

The video has been “sliced” into two sections, one showing how video looks on the N8 and the other half showing the video taken with the Xperia Arc. The sound is also split between the two handsets, with the video highlighting which handset the sound is coming from.

It’s not known what settings were used on either handset, so whether this is the best quality you could get from the Arc is unknown. Based on the settings that were used though, I would be happy with the video quality of the Xperia Arc but, the N8 does seem slightly better. Although when comparing the audio, the Xperia Arc is heads and shoulders above the N8 for me.