Xperia Arc officially unveiled by Sony Ericsson

We’ve heard of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X12 for a while now, also known as the Xperia Anzu. Yesterday we heard that the handset would officially be known as the Xperia Arc, the name given to it based on it’s design. Today, Sony Ericsson have officially unveiled and announced the next Xperia handset, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.

The Xperia Arc features a reality display, with a Mobile BRAVIA Engine. This provides richer colors and enhanced contrast as well as less image noise, thus making the 4.2 inch display sharp and crisp. It also features reduced light reflection, making it easy to use outside, unlike current phones on the market.

Like the current Android powered Xperia handsets, the Xperia Arc will come installed with TimeScape, which for some will come as a disappointment as this has led to Android updates being delayed, as the Android platform has had to be customized to include this feature.

Camera wise, the Xperia Arc comes equipped with an 8.1 inch display, capable of recording in HD. You can also connect the Xperia Arc to your TV via HDMI to view your captured HD videos.

The Xperia Arc will be available in both black and silver. As of yet, there isn’t any information regarding pricing or availability.