Xperia Arc headed to Three end of February?

We recently found out that O2 had listed the Xperia Arc on their website as one of their “coming soon” handsets. The listing also pointed to an April release. We’d previously heard that the handset was due for release sometime during Q1 or Q2, which with an April release date, would just take us into Q2. We haven’t heard any information regarding what other networks the handset might be released onto in the UK. However after some digging today, I found out that the handset may be coming to Orange but, what’s more interesting is something a Three employee divulged.

When questioned about the upcoming Xperia Arc, the Three employee said that it is coming to Three and that it will most likely be in store at the end of February. This is a rather different date than the previously announced O2 date, although still fits within Sony Ericsson’s time line. If this is true, it could mean Three could have some exclusive rights over the Xperia Arc for a month or two, unless any other networks are releasing the Arc at the same time. For now however, I’d take this information with a grain of salt. It isn’t uncommon for a member of the sales team to get information mixed up, also there has been no official announcement from Three.