Xperia Arc faces audio sync issues with HD recording

Following on from our post earlier about the lack of a fully functional zoom on the Xperia Arc’s camera comes news that there may be a bug with the HD video recording capabilities of the handset. Over at Hurf Xperia Xperiences, it’s been noted that while taking a video clip in 720p the video froze for a few seconds during the recording but, then carried on a normal. However when playing the video back, in the places where the video appeared to freeze the audio becomes out of sync. Other users of the Arc have also noticed this problem. At the moment though, it’s unknown whether it’s related to the speed of the memory card, or an issue with the software. One Arc user has suggested that it may be due to the memory card being class 2 but, as of yet we’ve not had chance to test the Arc’s 720p video recording with a class 4 memory card. However this wasn’t an apparent issue with the Xperia X10.

Once we’ve had chance to test the 720p video recording with a class 4 or above card, we’ll let you know if this solves the problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem and can confirm what class memory card you have if you have or haven’t?