Xperia Arc camera doesn’t zoom above 2MP resolution

While the Xperia Arc has been highly praised for it’s camera capabilities, especially in low light conditions, there is one aspect of the phone’s camera that doesn’t quite live up to the hype of the phone’s camera capabilities. It’s been noted over the weekend that while using the camera, if you want to zoom in on your subject, this is only possible if you change the camera settings to use the 2 megapixel camera mode. Sony Ericsson UK have said on Twitter that the solution would be to either use the camera in it’s 2 megapixel mode and use zoom, or use the camera in it’s full 8 megapixel capability but, zoom and crop the photo after taking it.

Obviously there are third party apps that will allow you to zoom in. Vingette is recommended by The Hurf’s Xperia Xperiences but, it’s noted that, users of the Xperia Arc, shouldn’t have to use third party apps, for a function that was available on Sony Ericsson’s first Android handset, the Xperia X10 which also features an 8 megapixel camera, like the Arc.

Again, Sony Ericsson UK commented on this on Twitter and specified that the hardware of the two devices is different but, the lack of zoom is not a hardware issue. The feedback has been passed on, so hopefully we should see zoom on all megapixel options on the Arc with an update.