Xperia Arc available for pre-order – free with £30 a month tariff

For those anticipating the release of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, one thing which hasn’t been clear is how much the handset will cost and for those who purchase their handsets on contract, how much the contract will be, to get the handset for free, or minimal cost any way. have answered this query, as they now have the X10’s successor, the Xperia Arc up for pre-order along with tariff information.

The handset is available with Vodafone, Orange and O2 via Mobiles. We already know however, that both T-Mobile and Three will be stocking the Arc, so presumably their tariff information will be available soon. If you were to take a £25 a month contract, the handset would set you back £90, where as taking the £30 a month contract will bag you the handset for free. Both of those tariffs are subject to a 24 month contract. On the £30 per month contract, lasting 18 months you will need to pay £20 for the handset. On Vodafone any way. With Orange, the £30 a month contract will make the handset a whopping £110. Though if going in for the £25 a month contract for 24 months, the handset is only £30 with Orange, instead of the £90 with Vodafone. Enough figures, head on over to to see what mobile deal is best for you. are also stocking the silver Xperia Arc, something that we haven’t seen from other retailers in the UK. So if you’re looking to grab the silver Arc, it may be worth looking into taking the contract and phone out with Mobiles. If we hear of anyone else in the UK stocking the silver Arc, we’ll be posting it here.