Xperia Acro S goes on sale in the US

Sony have added the long awaited Xperia Acro S to their own web store, meaning that US customers at least can get their dirty, wet hands on the handset at last.

Now before I get into trouble here, I’m not being rude to our US readers! The Xperia Acro S is the newest release of a ‘rugged’ handset from Sony which basically means that it will be both dirt and dust resistant and water resistant too, making ideal for environments where users may have dirty or wet hands and still need to use their cell phone. The acro S has passed it’s dirt and water resistance tests and has IP55 and IP57 ratings to prove it. The handset also comes packed with features including a 12.1 megapixel camera, a 4.3 inch screen with 720p display, a dual core CPU and inbuilt NFC. The Acro S runs on Android 4.1, also known as Android Jellybean. Sony also claim that the battery life on the Acro S exceeds 8 hours. All very attractive and useful features and the actual design of the handset isn’t too bad either.

The only sting in the tail about the release is that Sony themselves are the only ones selling the Acro S for now and it is priced at $649.99. The handset does come unlocked with no carrier restrictions however and Sony store reward points are available on the purchase which may soften the blow of the Sony styled price tag.

The Xperia Acro S is available to buy now with an estimate on the shipping date of September 25th here.