X10 Mini Android 2.1 now out in the UK

Over the weekend, Sony Ericsson finally released the Android 2.1 update in the UK for the Xperia X10. Unfortunately that’s all it was for, the Xperia X10. Unlike other regions, the update for the X10, X10 Mini and Mini Pro were not rolled out at the same time in the UK. Instead owners of the X10 Mini/Mini Pro were told via Sony Ericsson’s UK Twitter account that the update for the Minis would follow shortly. Today, Sony Ericsson UK have confirmed that the update is now out for generic handsets. So if your Xperia X10 Mini isn’t branded to a network, you should be able to update now.

Unfortunately Sony Ericsson UK are unable to give specific dates for branded handsets, whether it be the full size Xperia X10, or one of the Minis. However Orange customers have received a text message saying that the Android update will be with them sometime this month. Likewise T-Mobile have committed to releasing the Android 2.1 update before the end of the month. There hasn’t been any word from other network providers in the UK though unfortunately. We will of course keep you posted once there is any news regarding other networks and the Android 2.1 release for your Xperia X10 (and X8) handsets.