Winning Wednesdays from Sony Ericsson offer X10 as prize

Sony Ericsson frequently offer users the chance to win an Xperia X10 from their Facebook fan page. Now the company have introduced “Winning Wednesdays”. The first prize they are offering for this, is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. Like the other chances to win, you’ll need to provide some details as well as answer a question.

For the Winning Wednesdays competition, you have to Spot the Difference. At first it sounds easy and once you go to the page (found here) to enter, it becomes even simpler. You’re greeted with a picture of a girl jumping and you have to spot one difference between the two photos and you answer by selecting one of three answers. There are five X10 handsets up for grabs, so enter here to have a chance at winning one of the phones.