Win a X10 Mini Pro in Lime Green

As part of Sony Ericsson’s weekly Facebook competition, this week we see a Lime Green X10 Mini Pro in the “limelight”, excuse the pun. As always, all you need to do is visit their competition page , enter your details, along with selecting the right answer to their question.

This week the question is, “Which application allows you to organize all of your photos on the Xperia™ X10 mini pro?” To make it even easier, Sony Ericsson have made it multiple choice, with a selection of three possible answers.

It’s worth noting that while the text specifies a Mini Pro in lime green and the first picture signifies the Mini Pro, the picture displaying the back is in fact of an X10 Mini, which we have seen in Lime Green, where as the Mini Pro, we haven’t actually seen in Lime Green before. Whether it’s a Mini or a Mini Pro though, it’s a definitely worth entering into the competition for only 5-10 seconds of your time.