Will the Xperia X10 get Android 2.2?

A document has recently been leaked and handed to XperiaX10.net which questions the availability of Android 2.2, aka Froyo on Sony Ericsson’s flagship Android handset, the Xperia X10. The document shows the roadmap for the Xperia X10, along with the X10 Mini, Mini Pro and Xperia X8. The document shows that all handsets will get 1.6x, as well as 2.1. Android 2.1 should be coming within the next few weeks and rolling out to other markets during Q4. However after that, Sony Ericsson note there is a 2.1x update.

This has brought into question whether the Xperia X10 will receive Android 2.2. However it’s not known if this is an official document, also it doesn’t indicate, if it is genuine, when the roadmap is for. Some are speculating that it is just a 2010 roadmap for the Xperia Android family. This means we could still see Android 2.2 on the Xperia X10 but, not until 2011. This would make more sense, as the handset has only recently been released in the US and stopping at 2.1 would dramatically decrease the life span of the handset. Sony Ericsson themselves haven’t given any details away regarding a Froyo update so we can only wait and see what happens.