White Xperia Play an O2 Exclusive

We’ve already seen the Xperia Play on various online photos and videos. Common among them is that the model shown always comes in black. It seems that a white model is also available and it will only be available in the European market, specifically O2.

The white model will still have the same specifications as the black model its only difference is that it is white, and oh yes it has a white dock as well. Those living in other areas aside from the ones covered by O2 will have a slim chance of getting the white model since it is exclusive to O2 as of now, only unless Sony Ericsson changes its mind.

On the website of O2 it is already announced that the release date for the Xperia Play on their network will be on April 1. No pricing details were revealed yet although if we were to rely on the previous post then it should be in the range of $400. Amazon Germany has listed a price for this device on their website though and it costs €599.00.

The Xperia Pay is one of the most anticipated gaming Android smartphones to hit the market this year. It was featured heavily in lots of websites due to the numerous leaks made during its production.