What is NFC and how will it work with Sony Xperia handsets?

xperia nfc

Well, NFC isn’t a fast food restaurant thats for sure. The acronym stands for Near Field Communication and is a technology that allows wireless communication between devices. Sony have added NFC technology to their latest range of handsets and have also designed a range of NFC tags to enhance the use of those handsets.

Fortunately for any of us in the dark about  what NFC can do for us and our handset that will make our lives easier/better, Sony have also gone to the trouble of explaining exactly how NFC integrates with their handsets (and indeed most NFC enabled mobile handsets to be fair) in their article on the Sony Ericsson Developers World blog. The article is well worth a read even if you aren’t intending rushing out to buy a brand new Xperia S as soon as it is released, NFC has for a while now been touted as the future of some forms of wireless communication and we do expect to see the technology used a lot more in the future so it might be time to swat up on where NFC is taking us before it arrives!