Welcome to Sony Xperia P and U: Codenames LT22i Nypon and ST25i Kumquat

According to findings on what is deemed to be the Indonesian version of the FCC in the US, Mobile88 have posted regarding the unveiling of the names that Sony will be releasing their formerly codenamed ‘LT22i Nypon’ and ST25i Kumquat handsets when they go into the open market.

Codename LT22i Nypon and codename ST25i Kumquat will from now on be known as the Sony Xperia P  and the Sony Xperia U smartphones respectively. Try not to get mixed up with the Sony P tablet, presumably Sony don’t want to waste too many letters of the alphabet too quickly, hopefully there isn’t a Tablet U on the way to muddy the waters any further. Not that we’re complaining at seeing more of the Xperia range coming to life!

xperia p

xperia p xperia u