Vodafone UK to Get the Xperia Arc

A third UK carrier is set to carry the Xperia Arc and offer it to its subscribers. Vodafone has just posted on their Coming Soon section of their corporate website that the Xperia Arc will soon be available on their network. It will be available on a monthly pay plan however no exact details were released yet. No specific date was also mentioned on its release however it would probably be the same or close to the release date of O2 and Three.

The Xperia Arc will be one of the high end Xperia models to be released by Sony Ericsson this year. This model was officialy announced during the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2011 and is eagerly awaited by many people who wish to buy it.

On its release date this model will already be running Android 2.3 which is a relief since the Xperia models released last year used outdated Android operating systems. Its key features include a slim profile which only measures 8.55 mm when taken at its thinnest point.

The Xperia Arc comes with several powerful hardware features which should make it one of the leading Android phones to hit the market this year.