Vodafone AU to test 2.3 on X10 Mini Pro soon?

According to a blog post over at Vodafone Australia, the company will begin testing Android 2.3 on the Xperia X10 Mini Pro in around 6 weeks time.

The blog post highlights questions about Android updates that they’ve been receiving regarding when updates will be released, what stage the updates are at and indicates what version of Android the various handsets are currently running and what the next update will be.

The blog post lists various handsets and two Sony Ericsson phones, the Xperia X10 and the X10 Mini Pro. The post says that the X10 is currently on 1.6 and that 2.3 is currently being tested and is due to be completed in about 2 weeks. When it comes to the X10 Mini though, the company say that the testing hasn’t been scheduled yet but, that they anticipate testing it in 6 weeks time.

Sony Ericsson have already said they will not be updating the X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro or X8. So either Vodafone Australia have got this wrong, or Sony Ericsson have done a u-turn on what they’ve previously said. Due to Sony Ericsson’s previous statements, either scenario could be likely as Sony Ericsson previously announced that those handsets along with the Xperia X10 would not be updated past Android 2.1 but, Sony Ericsson changed their mind with the X10 and said 2.3 would be released and was pushed out last week to handsets.

We’ll be keeping our eyes on the Vodafone blog and Sony Ericsson blog to see if any thing is adjusted or any announcements are made. We at SE-Xperia hope that Vodafone are correct though.

Thanks Animtv source