Unlocked bootloader restricts Facebook inside Xperia usage

Sony Ericsson’s update for the 2011 range of handsets began rolling out yesterday which saw the Android version being upgraded to Android 2.3.3 as well as the inclusion of Facebook Inside Xperia which was recently announced by Sony Ericsson which gives you a deeper integration between Facebook and your phone.

With Facebook Inside Xperia, you should be able to view upcoming events and birthdays from Facebook on your handset, as well as view contacts. It is also possible to like tracks you’re listening to and have them posted to Facebook, to show your friends what you’re listening to. The reverse can also be done, you can see what songs your friends have recommended, as well as videos.

However, it appears that if you unlocked the bootloader on your handset, not all the features of Facebook Inside Xperia are accessible on the handsets. Users who have unlocked the bootloader, when liking a song get an error message – “could not post to Facebook, please try again.”

This error seems tied to having an unlocked bootloader as it’s confirmed to work on handsets whose bootloader is still unlocked. The same users have reported that they’ve had to use Flashboot to install the firmware, as by unlocking the bootloader, despite what Sony Ericsson previously said are unable to officially update their handsets via SEUS or PC Companion.

Thanks Hurf