“Unlimited” Touch support in Xperia Arc

Are you frustrated that your Xperia X10 doesn’t have multi-touch support? The phone’s lack of this feature is often seen as a reason  why most people shy away from this model. Sony Ericsson is taking your concern into consideration and coming up with a solution, although on a different model. The upcoming Xperia Arc will feature what they call unlimited multi-touch support.

The technology used is what they call a Multi-Touch-All-Point constructed touch (that’s actually a mouthful and it’s already registered as a trademark) projected capacitive touchscreen. This allows the user access to single touch or multi touch controls. Cypress is the company that developed this technology and is now being used in the Xperia Arc.

Up to 32 simultaneous touch points can be recognized by the system. What does this mean? It means you would eventually have complete control on how your application works. Doing simultaneous adjustments in video and audio can now be made possible as well. Game developers can also take advantage of this new feature by developing games that can be controlled in different ways.

With this new touch capability already in the Xperia Arc, it seems that we now have the best Xperia model so far.