Two new X10 firmware versions certified, Eclair on the Way?

It was noted previously that Sony Ericsson had submitted a new firmware to the PTCRB organization which provides product testing and certification. This firmware, numbered ‘2.0.A.0.453’ had been approved on the PTCRB website and due to the difference between this firmware’s identification number and those of previously submitted firmware numbers by Sony Ericsson, this led many to speculate that this newly approved firmware was in fact the much awaited Android 2.1 firmware version and that this meant that an Android 2.1 release was imminent.

Today however, there is a second firmware submission and approval showing on the PTCRB website, numbered ‘2.0.B.0.109’ which was certified on the 25th of October so perhaps Sony Ericsson aren’t quite at the stage of being ready to release Android 2.1 yet, if that is actually what these firmwares are. Either way, the company is moving forward with some form of firmware testing so fingers crossed we will see Eclair running on our Xperia handsets very soon.