Top Xperia Apps for 2010

As the year 2010 comes to an end a lot of Xperia owners have downloaded their share of applications. We are coming out with a list today to find out what the most popularly downloaded applications are for the Xperia line of handsets. If you own a new Xperia or probably received one as a Christmas gift then this guide can help you on deciding which applications to get.


This is a great application that takes care of your music needs. As soon as you download this application you would instantly have access to thousands of music tracks which you can stream legally through your device.


With Swype installed in your Xperia you won’t have problems typing in text anymore. The unique way of swiping the screen with your finger or stylus makes it easy to type in the words that typing speeds of up to 40 wpm are jut normal one you use this application.

Angry Birds

This game which was originally released for the iPhone is now in the Android Marketplace and you can get it for free. This is a highly addicting game involving birds and pigs. This has been the most downloaded game for the iPhone and will definitely become one as well for the Xperia.


Dropbox is a great application for sharing your files between different platforms. You can easily upload any file from your Xperia to your Dropbox and access it in a PC anywhere.