Three UK to offer X10 Mini Pro in white

If the black X10 Mini Pro is a bit too boring for you, then there’s great news for you, especially if you’re a Three customer. Sony Ericsson and Three have teamed up to offer the Mini Pro in white, exclusively on the Three network. The handset features the same specs as the black model, which is a slimmed down X10 but, a beefed up X10 Mini.

The Xperia X10 Mini features Google Android 1.6, which will hopefully be updated soon to Android 2.1. The screen size is the same as the X10 Mini at 2.55 inches but, features a slide out QWERTY keyboard. To make room for this, the X10 Mini Pro is slightly larger than the X10 Mini, which is already available in white, as well as a variety of other colors. However like the X10 Mini, it’s only the back which features a color change, while the front of the phone remains black and the keyboard silver.