Three delay Xperia Play

While the Xperia Play launch event may have been successful, for some actually getting hold of the handset is proving to be rather difficult. First we heard that O2 had delayed the release of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play on their network, due to bugs and issues found. They’ve denied that it’s due to the O2 firmware version and bloatware, although those with unbranded handsets have found no issues with the phone, myself included. Now Three have said that they have had to delay the release of the Play. According to customer services the handset has been delayed to the 13-16th of April, while Three have confirmed via Twitter (in response to this Tweet) that it was due to circumstances out of their hands. Upon ordering on the Three website, they state that the earliest delivery date is April 15th. The exact reasons for the delay are currently unknown. Whether the delay is down to stock issues or firmware issues we’ll keep you updated. Or perhaps Three are rethinking their pricing plan, as so far it’s the most expensive pricing we’ve seen so the far. Hopefully when it is back in stock, it will be more reasonably priced as well.