Play push X2 release back

If you pre-ordered an Xperia X2 in the UK from it’s likely you’ll have been very disappointed. The company stated the handset was available for pre-order and would ... Continue Reading →

Xperia X2 dropped by Vodafone

While may have the Xperia X2 up for pre-order, Vodafone UK, as we previously reported no longer have the page for the X2 and now we know why. An internal email has been sent ... Continue Reading →

Pre-order the Xperia X2, get it 29th January have sent out an email to those who registered their interest in the Xperia X2. You can now pre-order the Xperia X2 for £499.99. The handset will be released on the 29th ... Continue Reading →

Xperia X2 release pushed back

The Xperia X2 release date has finally been updated on the Vodafone website, while the SE-Store retained it’s December release note. Now the SE-Store and the Vodafone website ... Continue Reading →

Xperia X2 now due in December

The Xperia X2 was set for release this month and on the Vodafone UK website, it still says “Coming Soon due November” but with today being the last day of November, this ... Continue Reading →