Amazon temporarily stop selling Xperia Arc

You can currently purchase the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc through Amazon for £389.99 (and £4.59 shipping). However, it isn’t currently being sold directly by Amazon. Instead, ... Continue Reading →

Xperia Arc removed from O2 shop

O2 are the only network in the UK to have not released the Xperia Play yet and for a while the Xperia Arc was also listed as coming soon. A week ago though, O2 added the Xperia Arc ... Continue Reading →

Official Xperia Arc ( LT15i) Specifications

Now that we have all seen the Xperia Arc which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics show (CES) 2011, we finally have its official specifications. After going through it we were ... Continue Reading →

Xperia Arc spotted running unreleased Android 2.4

While the handset has only just been announced, the Xperia Arc had previously been spotted. With the announcement came confirmation that the Sony Ericsson Arc would come with Android ... Continue Reading →

Xperia Arc is the official name of Anzu

The phone known as the Anzu will be officially called the Xperia Arc.  This Android phone will be released this year and will become the flagship model of Sony Ericsson. Why is it ... Continue Reading →